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About Rodyna Ensemble

Rodyna Ensemble is an ensemble based in Melbourne, Australia whose repertoire is mainly made of Ukrainian traditional songs. Rodyna also performs traditional musical pieces from Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as a range of English songs.

It all started back in 2005 when Mr Stefan Semenjuk gathered his sons and a few members of his extended family to prepare a musical performance to surprise his wife on the occasion of her birthday party. The performance was a great success. For several years there was no singing activity by the people who performed at the said birthday party. Then, all of a sudden, opportunities came to perform. The initial group of performers was joined by a few others and they decided to formally form a musical ensemble, known as Rodyna Ensemble, today.

The ensemble commenced performing in public in the year 2010 and was welcomed and supported by the Ukrainian community as well as others. Enthusiasm and hard work of Rodyna’s members resulted in invitations to various events across Australia.

The name "Rodyna" is an Ukrainian word for "extended family". As quite a few Rodyna’s members belong to an extended family, this was the inspiration for the ensemble’s name.

Many of Rodyna’s members are of Ukrainian descent. However they were born and spent considerable years of their lives in various parts of former Yugoslavia and moved to Australia in the last 20 years. The ensemble usually performs in traditional Ukrainian attire.

Rodyna operates under the musical directorship of Mr Miroslav Granolic and consists of the following members.

Female voices

  • Larisa Burlak
  • Stefka Semenjuk
  • Veronika Granolic
  • Marjana Miladinovic

Male voices

  • Stefan Semenjuk
  • Roman Varenica
  • Miroslav Mazur
  • Miroslav Graljuk
  • Peter Borowok


  • Igor Jurista on bass guitar
  • Miroslav Granolic on accordion
  • Tanya Misiurak on clarinet